10 Mbps SPI Ethernet Wing

10 Mbps SPI Ethernet Wing
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It’s never been easier to add Ethernet functionality to your Papilio.  No wires, no fuss, just plug and play! Some quick specs on the Ethernet Wing:

  • Microchip ENC28J60 Chip with Integrated MAC and 10Base-T PHY
  • HanRun HR911105A RJ45 Ethernet connector with integrated magnetics
  • 25 Mhz Crystal
  • 3.3 v Pin powered
  • Simple SPI interface

The pinout of this wing is slightly different than the one available in USA store. The same library can be used with minor modification to the initialization step (setting up SPI Pins)

Features of the ENC28J60 device are:

  • IEEE 802.3™ Compatible Ethernet Controller
  • Fully Compatible with 10/100/1000Base-T Networks
  • Integrated MAC and 10Base-T PHY
  • Supports One 10Base-T Port with Automatic Polarity Detection and Correction
  • Supports Full and Half-Duplex modes
  • Programmable Automatic Retransmit on Collision
  • Programmable Padding and CRC Generation
  • Programmable Automatic Rejection of Erroneous Packets
  • SPI Interface with Clock Speeds up to 20 MHz



http://gadgetfactory.in/download/ethercard.zip (This library has correct initialization sequence in the example sketches for this wing. Will not work with the wing available in the USA store)

Unzip this library in the folder C:\zap-2.3.0\hardware\papilio\avr8\libraries or the relevant folder. This library must be used with the "shifty" version of the AVR8 core. Changes to the SPI interface may be needed if used with any other core.

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