LogicStart MegaWing Kit ONE

LogicStart MegaWing Kit ONE
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Here at GadgetFactory we have put together the most common package people choose to embark on learning FPGA development yet Arduino style user friendly development.

The best way we have found for hardware users to branch into the field of VHDL programming and prototype debugging is this combo pack of the Papilio One board with Spartan 3E 500k FPGA and the LogicStart Megawing.

The free Ebook by Mike Fields on the Spartan FPGA chip with walk you step by step with the first steps to getting going well.

This kit contains:

  1. Papilio One 500k FPGA board
  2. LogicStart Megawing v2.1

PLEASE NOTE: This LogicStart MegaWIng v2.1 available in India is not compatible with the one available in the USA store.

The LogicStart Megawing has following resources to help you go from very basic digital structures to reasonably complex peripherals like multiplexed 4-digit 7-segment display, a ADC with SPI interface, RGB LED, delta-sigma audio in stereo and even a VGA display controller.

  • 7 Segment Display - 4 Character and colon and apostrophe as 5th digit
  • VGA Port - 3r,3g,2b VGA Output
  • Stereo Audio Jack - 1/8" Jack, Low Pass Filter, Delta-Sigma DAC
  • Micro-Joystick - 5 directions
  • 8-channel SPI ADC - Choice between 12-bit/1Msps or 8-bit/200ksps device
  • 8 LED's - User Feedback
  • 8 Slide Switches - User Input
  • One RGB LED

The UCF files required to use this Megawing are different.

Modified LogicStart Megawing UCF file for use with PapilioOne FPGA board


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