2x AA Battery holder with switch

2x AA Battery holder with switch
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This battery holder can fit 2x AA size batteries in series to make a great 3V portable power pack. It can use any alkaline, NiMH or Zinc Chloride batteries that come in the standard AA (also known as pencil-sized, MIGNON, MN1500, UM3, LR6, HR6, FR6 etc) size. Output voltage and current (mAh) capacity may vary according to the type of battery used.

This battery holder has a snap cover and a ON/OFF switch which can be handy when powering something without a switch.

Typical output voltage of fresh set of batteries is slightly higher than the nomial rated voltage, so it is advised to have a suitable voltage regulator on your application.

Alkaline, Zinc Chloride: 1.5V x 2 = 3V nominal, 3.3~3.4V fresh, < 1.2V discharged
NiMH/NiCd: 1.2V x 2 = 2.4V nominal, 2.6~2.7V fresh, < 2V discharged
Some Lithium-ion batteries may provide upto 3.6~3.7V with a single AA battery.

Please refer to your battery specifications for correct parameters.

Do not mix battery types or mix fresh and old batteries.

Batteries not included.


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