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GadgetFactory India was founded in 2010 in association with GadgetFactory LLC, USA. Our goal is to provide cost-effective platform to learn and develop various FPGA and microcontroller based systems, as well as all the bits and pieces and building blocks to realize your electronics projects.


We aim to encourage the electronics hobbyists and students, as well as professionals to jumpstart their electronics designs using Papilio boards and other hardware.  Our flagship product remains the Papilio family of open-source FPGA development boards, which have now turned into a full-blown development platform over the years. We have also added a range microcontroller based boards using powerful microcontroller from various manufacturers including Atmel, Cypress, NXP and Microchip in our list of Firefly and DragonFly series boards. Add to the list our range of wings and Megawings: add-on boards to FPGA and Microcontroller boards, which are interfaces to the real world.

These platforms can be harnessed to perform a variety of tasks including simple robots to a CNC machines, data acquisition to communication systems or simply learning the devices and enter the world of embedded electronics. Open source technology encourages creativity and innovation given that it brings an individual a few steps closer to his goal. To this end, the Papilio platform is like a LEGO set that offers a platform and various bits and pieces, modules and peripherals and various add-ons to assemble your ideas into reality.


Apart from off-the-shelf products meant for protptyping and development, we also provide customized solutions for both embedded hardware, firmware and the control software. Using the expertise gained over the years we can provide solutions using standard hardware like our own Papilio, the popular Arduino, Raspberry-Pi or any other microcontroller or FPGA or mixed-signal hardware that fits the purpose in most cost-effective way with enough headroom for expansion and a decent upgrade path, as well as ensure longevity, ease and economy of production, ease of testing and debug/repair of the product.

Will will be starting workshops for Engineering students to acclimatize them with embedded electronics, design principles and practices, hardware and tools and encourage them to do real-life projects with us so that the gap between theory in academics and practise in the real world is somewhat eased for them.


If you are a aspiring electronics student or a guru looking to work on interesting stuff in embedded systems please send your resumes to careers@gadgetfactory.in

Welcome to those who speak C/C++ and talk to ARMs and PICs and AVRs and '51s, or can move signals and power across PCBs, and quickly learn things to go from 'WHAT to do' to 'HOW to do'!


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