Use Your FPGA To Build Your Own Music Box

Today´s article presents an university project in which the author chose to increase his knowledge about FPGA´s by creating a Music Box.

As with any other university work, this study is very well organized and there are chapters for literature review, scope of project and so forth. Luckily for you, I will ease you the lecture.

There is some handy job to be done on this project but it´s too little to consider it funny. You will only play with an oscillator, a cap, a speaker and the FPGA board. So yes, most of the handy work is about moving your fingers when coding…bad joke uh?

The whole program for the music box is written using VHDL. 5 different mini programs have been coded and loaded on the FPGA. The author thoroughly explains the process for compiling, testing and loading the code on to the FPGA. Thus, reading this part in full is highly recommendable for a beginner. You can find all the information here.

The code for the different programs loaded on the FPGA can be found here and I would recommend you to read this and learn why they are written that way.

Bear in mind that this is an easy to implement project that would serve as a base for beginners on FPGA´s or for those who want to learn about using the FPGA for producing sounds. The video above shows what you can achieve if you develop your skills using this project as a start point.

Let´s get started!

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