How To Create You Own Design Displayed On A RGB LED Matrix With Your FPGA

Today´s article presents a fantastic video tutorial about designing and building your own FPGA RGB LED matrix to display anything you want.

Nowadays it´s pretty easy to buy an RGB LED matrix on internet, so you only need to connect your FPGA to it and build and implement your own design. So, you better follow along this great video where the authors will teach you the fundamentals to do it.

In the video the authors take some time explaining how the actual board works. Listen carefully to it as very important design details are revealed. The designer of this specific FPGA code shows a block diagram (with the main components, PLL, UART and Display Controller) of its design and explains it step by step, sharing even some simulations from both the software and the actual signals measured on the FPGA board to proof that the design is working exactly as it´s supposed to. Thus, a pretty good learning experience for you here.

Finally, you can download all the FPGA design files here. Use them as a guideline on your own design, which I strongly recommend you to do. And if you don´t have the time nor the knowledge to actually build the RGB LED matrix board, you can get yours here.

Watch the video and then get hands on to create your own design so you actually learn how to do it.

Have fun!

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